Northwest River Supplies

NRS builds the finest professional river rafts on the market. For ten years Charlie Walbridge has been proud to serve as their Eastern Field Representative. Each summer he visits professional river outfitters from Maine to Georgia, providing demo rafts and supporting the NRS five-year warranty. If you need inflatables for your business, he’d like to help you. Here are some very good reasons why YOU should be driving an NRS raft!

1) Hypalon is the preferred choice of professional river runners. It’s a proven technology with a long service life. NRS uses Pennel Hypalon, made in France. It’s the very best you can buy: tough, colorfast, and UV-resistant. Plastic may work for private rafters, but will disappoint when subjected to the relentless the day-in, day out demands of commercial service

2) NRS Rafts feature many unique innovations, including their Y-beam floor construction, unique high density Hypalon wear strips, and a patented batten-lock thwart attachment system. NRS is also the largest U.S. buyer of Leafield Valves, the most reliable product on the market. This all adds up to years of trouble-free service.

3) Each Hypalon raft requires many hours of hand labor, and NRS workmanship is unequalled. Our skilled workers in Tecate, Mexico are proud of their reputation for quality which means less down time and a longer service life for professional outfitters.

4) NRS has the most complete warranty in the business. For five years we will pay for any repair right down to lost valve caps and broken thwart battens! In the rare instance when an outfitter boat requires attention at one of our repair centers we will provide a loaner boat if needed.

To learn more, call Charlie at 304-379-9002 or NRS at 800-243-1677.

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