Swiftwater Rescue

Charlie Walbridge has 45 years of experience with swiftwater rescue, and is ready and eager to share.

Decades of Publications

From outfitting kayaks to canoes, river safety and swiftwater rescue manuals to put in maps to creek runs, Charlie Walbridge has shaped the culture of paddling on the East Coast of the United States.

Charlie Walbridge

Boating is only part of the passion. Dedication to paddling enough to make the boats, gear, maps to the put ins and take outs, improvements on throw bags and creating a swiftwater rescue curriculum is Charlie's legacy.

Supporting Links

NRS, American Whitewater Association, American Canoe Association Mowglis Summer Camp for Boys and Friends of the Cheat are just a few of the sponsors and supporting foundations that Charlie volunteers and works with.


Mowglis is a seven-week overnight camp for boys aged 7-14 in Central New Hampshire. Founded in 1903, everyone who goes to Mowglis remembers the fun they had and the friendships they made.


Charlie Walbridge has 40 years of experience on whitewater with many publications on the topic. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and approachable.

"Charlie Walbridge's work has saved countless lives and kept rivers open and accessible to those who wished to assume personal responsibility and risk. His work, while focused predominantly in the U.S., is imitated and known worldwide."

International Whitewater Hall of Fame nomination 2005

Swiftwater Rescue Articles and Posts

"The freedom to take calculated risks, in business, love, or whitewater, is one of the most cherished prerogatives of a free people. I don't try to discourage knowledgeable people from willingly assuming risks; but I do work to educate inexperienced paddlers so they don't get into trouble inadvertently."

Whitewater Articles

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Chatting with Charlie, NRS Duct Tape Diaries

Chatting with Charlie

Start at the beginning with Charlie Walbridge in this NRS Duct Tape Diaries. Find out how Charlie got his start...

Charlie Walbridge: Remembering a Legendary Career

Remembering a Legendary Career

Check out this great NRS Duct Tape Diaries about Charlie. Charlie Walbridge: Remembering a Legendary Career

Interview with Charlie Walbrige

An Interview with Legendary Whitewater Safety Leader Charlie Walbridge

Interview with Charlie Walbridge The paddling experience of Charlie Walbridge spans more than five decades, and over that time he...

Recent Pictures of Charlie Walbridge

Interview with Charlie Walbridge

   Interview with Charlie Walbridge This is a fantastic interview with Charlie Walbridge by Chris Preperato, which shares insight...

Hand of God Rescue with Charlie Walbridge

Hand of God Rescue with Charlie Walbridge

Hand of God Rescue is an important rescue for kayakers to learn. comprar viagra en españa mifarmacia24, cialis generico españa...

Live Bait Rescue with the Rescue PFD

Live Bait Rescue Using a Rescue PFD

This is a great example of how to use a Rescue PFD during a first person rescue scenario. This technique...

Tubers on Clear Creek River in Colorado

A Rescue Arrested – How It Happened and What We Can Learn

A Rescue Arrested – How It Happened and What We Can Learn Although outfitters know how to deal with anything...

Kick Back in a Failed Z-drag

Catastrophic Failure of a Z-drag Z-drag haul systems create a tremendous amount of force and can put a major strain...

Racing Through the 70’s

During the late 60’s and early 70’s whitewater kayaks were hard to find and kayak schools didn’t exist. You learned...

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